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Ever hear the question, “how did you get started?”  It is a simple question, but the answers usually come with an interesting story or explanation. And regardless of the subject, the important part of how you get started is to do exactly that…START!
Everyone has their own starting point. For product development, we at Oh!Nutrition have multiple starting points, but they all start with a conversation:
1. Client Driven Formula: Sometime our clients come to us with a well-thought-out formulation and they need our contract manufacturing services.
In this scenario, our product development team performs feasibility studies to ensure what the client is asking for is even possible. As they say, first things first…and before we even provide a quote we do our homework.
This investment in time and effort ensure commercialization.
2. Client Driven Inquiry: Other times our clients come to us with a mega-trend and want us to develop a product around the market demand. An example would be sleep. You ask for sleep, we set up an ideation conference call to determine certain marketing facts, and then we are off and running,
This type of project brings in a multiple discipline approach to research. Not only research in science, but in demographics, market analysis, psychographics and more.  This is our favorite aspect of work. A chance for us to flex out muscle!
3. Oh!Nutrition Client New Product Summit: For our strategic clients, once a year we meet at your facility and we share some of our home grown ideas that we have been working on…some of our concepts are years in the making. Most of these involve intellectual property that is truly innovative. Some of the items are based on our grasp of the market.
So what does the Oh!Nutrition New Product development team offer? The following services are available just to name a few:
Market Assessment
Clinical Research
Feasibility Studies
Benchtop Development
Scale Up
Stability Studies
Regulatory Guidance
Standards & Methods
Packaging Engineering
Quality Assurance
Logistical Support
So how are you going to get started? Contact us, we would love to have a chat.

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