Contract Manufacturing

Welcome to the Oh!Nutrition Manufacturing Group.
Contract manufacturing services is what we do best. We have manufacturing plants on both the East Coast and West Coast, and are working hard on future expansions in the central regions of the United States.
We supply all dose forms: Powders, Tablets, Hardshell Capsules, and our specialty – Softgels (Soft Gelatin Capsules – think fish oil).
We also pack these doses in a wide assortment of packaging types:
  • Glass, HDPE, PET and other bottles
  • Traditional labels and full body sleeve flexible labels
  • Blisters
  • Unit boxes
  • Canisters and bulk containers (we provide doses to some of the most well known brands in the market)
  • So many options – you tell us what you need and we can provide!
All of our manufacturing is in state of the art, fully FDA cGMP compliant facilities. Tours are available upon request.
Experience the power of Oh! – Give Oh!Nutrition a  call.

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