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Oh!Nutrition is an headquartered in beautiful Seal Beach, California.
Our focus is on science-based nutritional products. Not fads, but nutrients and compounds that have stood the test of time...and scientific scrutiny.
We also invest tremendous energies seeking out new innovations and processes in order to enhance the consumer experience. Simply put, we take great pride and effort in making the most elegant, yet cost efficient, products and brands for our clients. From simple tablets to more refined softgels, our expertise deliver the best solutions for the dietary supplements and sports nutrition marketplace.

While experts in all dose form, our strength is in softgel gelatin capsules, softgels for short. Softgels are the dosage form most preferred by consumers. They are easier to swallow and have higher perceived value due to their sleek looking appearance. Softgels also provide other advantages including improved bioavailability and uniformity.

For the best quality supplements in the market, we use the most highly advanced machines, technology, control programs and training.

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