qualityMany drop the word quality into their corporate and personal discussions. But at Oh!Nutrition, quality is not just a word, but a mind set that is backed by disciplined processes and tenuous resolve.

The professionals who ensure our quality have been through extensive schooling, training and 

have an average of 15 years of experience.

All of our contract manufacturing services are third party verified and fully cGMP compliant. 

  1. USP/DSP is the highest third party certification that a vitamin/supplement manufacturer can obtain. USP (United States Pharmacopeia). This is an independent group of scientists and doctors that work closely with the FDA to develop standards in drugs and dietary supplements. DSVP (Dietary Supplement Verification Program) is their facility compliance program. 
  • USP means that our active ingredients in every softgel we produce meets their standards. 
  • DSVP means that our manufacturing plant(s) meet the FDA’s cGMP (current General Manufacturing Practices) that are dictated by law.

Did you know in softgels there are less than a handful manufacturers that have earned this quality seal?

2. NSF (National Standards Foundation) is another third party science group that audits facilities to ensure that the FDA’s cGMPs are met. NSF is very thorough.

3. MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is an organization that has one objective. Ensure good stewardship of our Ocean and their Creatures. With the popularity of Fish Oil, this group is naturally concerned with depleting our ocean of its fish. To earn the MSC certification, companies are required (and audited) to their guidelines in how - and when it harvests fish.

4. IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards is an international organization that has a rating system for Fish Oil supplements (can you tell this is our specialty?). They rate 5 different areas of quality, purity, potency and have the toughest standards of any advocacy group. Receiving a 5 Star rating is not only a great accomplishment, it should be a requirement of every retailer or marketer of Fish Oil Supplements.

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